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Oklahoma State University

Who was Martha Reed?

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Martha Reed (1922 - 2010)

Martha Jane Reed was born in Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 23, 1922. Her parents, Doel and Jane (née Elizabeth Jane Sparks), settled in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1924, where Reed served as head of the art department at Oklahoma A&M (later Oklahoma State University) until he retired in 1959, earning respect as a mentor and an international reputation as an artist.

An artist and fashion designer, Martha Reed made Taos her home in the early 1950s.  She established the  “Martha of Taos” label in 1955, working throughout her career with seamstresses from Taos Pueblo to create her signature broomstick skirts and Navajo-inspired velvet skirts and blouses. With her distinctive sense of style, Martha was a key figure in the creation and promotion of Southwestern fashion from the 1950s-1990s. 


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