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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight - Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is a student at OSU, studying jewelry and metals. Maggie enrolled in The Artist's Sketchbook: Learning About Taos Through Drawing with Liz Roth. Below, she shares her thoughts about the course and her in Taos, NM. 

Why did you choose to take this course? I heard about the trip from various fliers and emails. I had never been to New Mexico and I thought the class sounded very interesting. When I found out that there were scholarships and I could go essentially for free, I was sold. 
Did you go into the course with any particular expectations? Was it what you expected? If not, how did your experience differ from your expectations? I really did not have a lot of expectations. I was nervous because I did not have any close friends going on the trip and I had never really traveled without my parents, but I think those two things are what made the trip even more exciting. One thing I did expect was for there to be a lot of class work or bookwork. I am not sure why, because no studio class normally has bookwork, but I was pleasantly surprised that the class immersed us in the culture and environment of Taos. While we were there we got to a lot of hiking and we visited many cultural sights, such as the Taos Pueblo.
Can you share any particularly influential moments while in New Mexico? I think every day I experienced some sort of influence from my surroundings, but there were two moments that were probably the most influential. The first was a trip to the Millicent Rogers Museum. As a jeweler, I was captivated by her bold silver and turquoise pieces. Her work actually greatly influenced my current series of jewelry.
Then I literally stumbled upon my second influence. One day on our trip our director, Liz Roth, took us to La Junta Point in Wild Rivers Recreational Area. I have always been a collector (hoarder) of random objects, and as we hiked around the Point I began to notice many beautiful rocks. I started to pick some up, and several of my jewelry pieces now have this stones incorporated into them. 
If a fellow student told you they plan to take the same course next year, what advice might you share with them? 1. Go! 2. Apply for scholarships. I do not regret my decision to go at all. When I heard about the trip I told myself I would apply for scholarships and if I got one then I would go. If it were not for the scholarships, I might not have never gone. I am very thankful for the scholarships and everyone who has helped provide the opportunity for me and other students like myself to go. I believe if you do not see new things and try new things you will become stagnant. I was obviously extremely inspired by this trip, and I will always remember those two weeks and use that experience to motivate me to continue to travel and be inspired by this beautiful world we live in. 




Click here to download the artist's statement. 

Images: (Top from left to right): Psalm104.24, Psalm 148.5, Psalm 65.8, Psalm 102.25. (Bottom from left to right) Psalm 102.25 (back) Psalm 104.24 (back), Psalm 65.8 (back), Psalm 89.11 (back). 
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