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Oklahoma State University


2017 Leisure Learning Classes

July 24 - 28 | Taos, New Mexico

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Oklahoma State University’s Doel Reed Center for the Arts invites you to participate in a week-long educational experience in beautiful Northern New Mexico.

These classes, designed by expert instructors for inquiring adults, invite you to explore the art, culture, and recreational experiences that multi-cultural Northern New Mexico offers. Classes may combine lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, and visits to local sites.

Enrollment is closed. For further Information on courses, contact Carol Moder at, 405-612-8295 or Hollye Goddard at, 602-465-1644.


  • Ecology & Visual Landscape of Northern New Mexico
    • Dave Engle, Professor Emeritus & Marty Avrett
    • Active learning to interpret and to artistically represent the variety of landscapes in northern New Mexico. The instructors will lead interactive discussion about what they see in the landscape, why the landscape elements are there, and how to think about the elements in a visual way. Participants interested in the science may choose to collect samples of plants, soil, or rocks, and participants interested in art may choose to make drawings of the landscape.
  • Art & Literature in New Mexico Post 1940
    • Ed Walkiewicz, Professor Emeritus, English
    • Since the end of the Great Depression, the visual and literary arts in the Southwest have been characterized by the increasing emergence and critical acceptance of diverse perspectives and voices. We will look at the visual arts in New Mexico from the Taos Moderns on, examining representative works in local museums and galleries. We also will read and discuss works by late modernist and contemporary writers, including
      Hispanic and Native American authors. Part of each day will be devoted to discussion, another part to excursions.
  • Taos Photography & Solar Printmaking Workshop
    • Jennifer Lynch, master Printmaker,
    • Explore Taos by taking photographs in some of its most scenic settings, using your cell phone or point and shoot camera. Then discover how to transform your photos into a solar print. Even if you have no artistic background, you can design and create prints using this method.
  • Fly Fishing (Beginning & Intermediate)
    • Marc Harrell
    • Beginners will learn about the skills and equipment needed to to become a fly fisherman- basics of the fly rod and reel, fly casting, pond and stream ecology, matching the hatch (identifying what fly to use when), knot tying, fish identification, ethics, rules and regulations and safety. Intermediates will have a review of skills. Both groups will get the chance to put their skills to the test in local ponds, lakes or rivers.
  • New Mexico Food & Culture
    • Carol Moder, Director Doel Reed Center for the Art
    • Corn, beans, chile, chocolate.  Explore the fascinating history of these American ingredients and their contributions to the distinctive culinary culture of New Mexico. We will taste, cook, and explore Native American, Spanish, and contemporary New Mexican food and food culture.
  • Fashion Studies
    • Mary Ruppert-Stroescu
    • This leisure learning class will study innovation and tradition in fashion through the lens of the unique culture and setting of Taos, NM. Participants will explore fashion from theoretical, practice, and personal perspectives. Beginning by considering the topic of fashion studies, we will explore Martha Reed’s merging of the Pueblo Indian clothing traditions, particularly pleating, with fashion trends of the mid-20th Century. Participants will also have an opportunity for hands on work, dyeing and creating a silk scarf with the arashi shibori method.