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Oklahoma State University

Credit Course Begins: The Symbolic Construction of Community

Monday, May 14, 2018 (All day)
Taos, New Mexico

May 14-25

(run outreach course through June 10)

SOC 4950/ SOC 5950 The Symbolic Construction of Community

Monica Whitham

What is a community? In this course we will examine the social and symbolic construction of "community" while exploring the unique collectives and locales of Taos, New Mexico. While in Taos, we will explore its rich history as an artist's colony as well as visit a number of other places of interest including an ancient Native American pueblo, an off-the-grid community, a Spanish colonial-era hacienda, and a counter-culture commune. To answer our question, we will bridge community sociology with social psychology in order to better understand communities as socially constructed spaces imbued with symbolism, culture, character, and meaning.


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