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Oklahoma State University

Call for Proposals

OSU's  Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos, New Mexico invites faculty to submit course proposals for Summer 2018.  We invite proposals for both credit and leisure learning classes. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 2. 
Credit classes
The DRCA will offer 3 regular credit courses for undergraduate and/or graduate students in Summer 2018.  These classes meet in Taos for two weeks, either in May or in July.  Generous scholarships are available to help students attend these classes. Faculty receive one month of summer salary, travel expenses, and lodging at the DRCA. Click to download RFP.
Leisure Learning Classes
In addition to its credit course offerings, the Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos also offers continuing education courses for alumni, supporters, and members of the Taos community. We anticipate offering 5 to 6 classes the week of July 23-27. The compensation for these courses ranges from $1000 to $3000, depending on the number of students enrolled (class size can range from 5 to 15).  Instructors are also provided lodging in Taos.  Click to download RFP.


The calls for proposals for both the credit courses and the leisure learning courses are attached.