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Oklahoma State University

Artist Talk: Mauricio Cortes Ortega

Thu, November 15 2018 - 6:00 pm
OSU Museum of Art

2018 Smelser-Vallion Visiting Artist Mauricio Cortes Ortega will present an artist talk in Stillwater at the OSU Museum of Art.

This presentation will focus on Mauricio's interests and art, including work done during his recent residency as the Smelser Vallion Visiting Artist at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos, New Mexico. He will explore histories of particular objects and the contrasting realities about the history of making — often related to harsh narratives veiled by folklore and romanticism. Subjects include Mexican sarape textiles, colonial votive crowns, piñatas, balloons, and silversmithing in Mexico to a name a few. As a visual artist, Mauricio makes paintings and sculptures that pair seemingly distant ideas and create visuals that provide insight into the history of a particular object and process.


Learn more about the artist here