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Oklahoma State University

2018 Credit Courses

To enroll, call 405-744-6390 or go to the Office of Individual Study at 317 PIO building on the OSU Campus.


SOC 4950/SOC 5950: The Symbolic Construction of Community
May 14 - 25, 2018
Monica Whitham
What is a community? In this course we will examine the social and symbolic construction of "community" while exploring the unique collectives and locales of Taos, New Mexico. While in Taos, we will explore its rich history as an artist's colony as well as visit a number of other places of interest including an ancient Native American pueblo, an off-the-grid community, a Spanish colonial-era hacienda, and a counter-culture commune. To answer our question, we will bridge community sociology with social psychology in order to better understand communities as socially constructed spaces imbued with symbolism, culture, character, and meaning.


ART 4800/ART 5910: Converging Cultures: Art and Devotion
July 9 - 20, 2018 
Cristina Gonzalez

The course is a brief but intensive introduction to the art and culture of Spanish New Mexico, starting with Spanish explorations in the late sixteenth century and ending in the nineteenth century with Mexico’s independence from Spain. A significant portion of the course is given to Devotional art and its function in architectural spaces and pious practices. Every topic is punctuated with pedagogical interventions spotlighting the long history of engagement with the art and communities of the region. The course encourages students to consider how the ongoing process of recovery, restoration, recreation and display continues to (re)shape our vision of New Mexico and its visual culture.


ENGL 4450/ENGL 5360: Hollywood Southwest
July 9 - 20, 2018
Jeff Menne

In this class we will study movies and television shows that have been made in New Mexico, with an eye on how the natural landscape has been used. Early on, New Mexico was often used as a location for Westerns (such as The Vanishing American, High Noon, and Lonely Are the Brave). More recently, movies have been produced on Albuquerque soundstages that could have been produced nearly anywhere (such as The Avengers and Maze Runner)—in these, New Mexico has value because it offers tax breaks, not breathtaking Western vistas. Hence our inquiry will concern the relationship between geography and storytelling in film and television production today. We will end by considering Breaking Bad as a contemporary Western. This course can be taken for either undergraduate (4450) or graduate (5360) credit.


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